Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Vintage Hairstyling Training Programme for 2013

2012 course photo of model Georgia Train, hair by Martina Bellieni. Photo Scott Chalmers
The highlight of 2012 for Vintage Hair Lounge was without a doubt, the pride in our hair team at Goodwood Revival. All our stylists had, at different times in the past 18 months, undertaken our unique Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course, developed their own work, joined us on a range of vintage events, and gelled splendidly together as a strong team under the most demanding conditions at this huge vintage event, for three days in September. Each stylist brought their own creativity and interpretation to the many varied looks for all generations of girls and women, but unmistakably, in the Vintage Hair Lounge style that demonstrates a strong understanding of vintage hairstyles and a confidence in applying the techniques to each individual client.

Vintage Hair Lounge salon at Goodwood Revival. Photo Scott Chalmers
The reasons for choosing the Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course are varied. Some have been looking to kick start their lost passion for the hairdressing industry and see new ways to develop their own businesses and creative portfolios with exciting new work; some have endured years as hair and makeup artists always feeling "weak" in hair styling; some have enthused about quality training to constantly rejuvenate and develop their skills and some have looked to the course, as complete novices, for an entry into a vintage world in a completely new skill. In such small training groups as we have (between 4 to 6 students with 2 tutors, Gloria Holloway and Sharon Holloway, at all times), it is a joyful experience to have such a mix of all these people sharing their journey through two days of history and practical application of such a beautiful craft.

Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course in action. Photo Scott Chalmers
For 2013, not only we will be continuing to offer this course but we are excited to launch a new course for people who want to learn how to vintage style their own hair to professional standards. The Vintage Hairstyling : Signature Looks course will provide the opportunity for those who want to perfect their own look on or off stage, on or off camera, and discover that their hair can and will do amazing vintage things when they know how! We constantly hear about people's persistence in trying to follow YouTube videos and instructional books, but with only one way communication these tools are no substitute for actually doing it for real with professionals in a hands-on fun environment where there is no end to the number of questions to be asked and the satisfaction in unravelling all the little tricks and hints along the way that live teaching provides.

Hands on teaching from Sharon Holloway on the Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course. Photo Scott Chalmers
And as with the professional course, assumptions are left at the door, so as to embrace possibilities that haven't previously been thought of. Two recent "in house" photoshoots undertaken by Vintage Hair Lounge with photographer Scott Chalmers showed how established performers can take on a whole new persona when exploring a different signature hairstyle.

Here's Burlesque performer Natalie De Gruchy (Isabelle L'Amour) in classic 1950s day attire with a rock and roll inspired vintage hairstyle....

Hair and makeup Vintage Hair Lounge. Photo Scott Chalmers
And here's vintage vocalist Miss Annie, best known for her 1940s and 1950s repertoire, trying out a classy 1960s "Mad Men" inspired look with iconic beehive to match....

Hair and makeup Vintage Hair Lounge. Photo Scott Chalmers
The concept of a "signature look" is to take inspiration from icons and create one's own distinctive take on it, something that becomes unique and recognisable for that person and thoroughly suits that person's personality and over all look. Another way of putting it is "bespoke vintage hairstyling".

So for 2013, our training programme begins in January with Vintage Hairstyling For Camera courses running throughout the winter and spring months in a variety of venues. A new Advanced Course in Vintage Hair Setting and Styling will be launched in the early summer months, and February sees the start of the Vintage Hairstyling : Signature Looks courses. 

2012 course photo of model Lindsey Tatler, hair by Kelly Prentice. Photo Scott Chalmers

For more information and booking for our 2013 courses, head over to the Vintage Hair Lounge website, where new dates and venues will also be regularly updated on our courses pages.


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