Thursday, 10 February 2011

Classy Chassis Clothing at Vintage Hair Lounge

Classy Chassis Union Jack Dress in the window at Vintage Hair Lounge

Tonight this crowd stopping dress was taken down - it's been sold! In the short time mother and daughter duo Classy Chassis have been marking out a retail space at Vintage Hair Lounge in High Street, Southampton, friends of bettie here have been spoilt with continually changing window displays of fabulous fifties frocks. Barely a week away from Imelda May appearing at the Southampton Guildhall, our frock/make-up tribute to the rockin' star is still in situ and definitely worth a peek.

Classy Chassis Gold Imelda May dress in the window at Vintage Hair Lounge
Before we actually met Sandy Johnson and Toni Carter, the talented pair responsible for these treats, their made to measure fifties designs were already gracing the forms of many a switched on retro gal. Thousands will have come across them and their eye catching outfits at retro events and classic car shows and currently, I can reveal, they are working on a sixties collection that will form part of our "Southampton Rock" mods and rockers photshoot event in the very near future. In support, Vintage Hair Lounge will soon be displaying our own take on beehives and Vidal Sassoon style asymmetric sixties cuts.... with black vinyl and pvc!

And it's not just frocks that Classy Chassis are best known for. Nifty retro accessories are part of the look too. Check out their fab hair flower and Bettie Page handbag that our model Maddy Hobbs took to her heart on this recent photoshoot we did!

Maddy wears white dress from Hepwright's Original Vintage. Bag and hair flower from Classy Chassis

Photographs of Maddy by Charli Edwards
 Classy Chassis can be contacted at

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dome Monofibre Hair Extensions

Dome Monofibre Hair Extensions and Prolin Hair Enhancers as seen in the film FiSH!
Friends of Bettie are whoop-da-doop excited about our new status as recognised experts in Dome Monofibre Hair Extensions and Prolin Hair Enhancers at our Southampton salon.

Off we packed our most talented Colour expert Lizi to the infamous London salon Antenna , for top notch training last year and now she can't get enough of this amazing hair extension system.

So those of you who are trying to work out what will work for you, and those who are thinking about adding hair extensions, here is our quick guide as to why we think the Dome system is the best.

1. Monofibre can add volume, length and colour to your hair. For perfect matches, Monofibre colours are blended by your expert technician, making for a truly individualised service.

2. No glue, no chemicals and what's more - no weight. Remember : adding real hair is really really heavy!

3. No chemicals means no scalp or hair damage as the extensions are weaved into the natural hair in tiny sections where a seal is created holding the extensions in place.

4. Monofibre can be used to add highlights without any chemical processing, and it won't fade. If you fancy a colour change you won't need to "grow out" colour, you just get the extensions replaced.

5. For vintage looks "flashes" (prominent colour or bleached streaks) are a great way to add interest to waves and rolls, and Monofibre and Prolin can give lasting vibrant colour to get the effect.

For more information and in-depth consultation as to how Monofibre can work for you, contact Lizi Prandle at Vintage Hair Lounge, 118 High Street, Southampton SO14 2AA 02380 337109

Monday, 7 February 2011

Gift Voucher Experience Revolution

Vintage Hair Lounge Gift Voucher designed by the Good Show Studio
Friends of Bettie have had a few outings with Gift Vouchers recently. Our in house designed gold foil embossed cards, designed by Cassie Leedham at the GoodShow Studio continue to be a good seller, and convey the quality of the service the voucher entitles. We've also been trying out various specialist online voucher outlets each having it's own distinctive twist or business model for meeting the ever increasing demand of the gift voucher market.

It was way back in 1932 that the first gift token was launched : The Book Token, which remained popular for decades. I can remember many birthdays and Christmases as a child of the 1970s receiving book tokens from distant aunties and uncles that sensibly took the view that I, rather than they, knew best what I was in to, and left it to me to make the gift decision. A few school prizes along the way were also presented in envelopes, the trusty book token again reinforcing that reading was good for kids and whilst giving choice, the prize was never extended to frivolities like sherbet dips, comics and Pippa dolls which I would probably have spent the money on if I'd discovered crisp One Pound notes in the envelopes. The bookshop in Cross Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight must have done some fabulous business out of kids in those days!

The gift token market has exploded since then, with major high street stores introducing their own versions in the 1980s, along with Luncheon Vouchers which for some strange reason became synonymous with the yuppie generation of intense socialising as the way to do business.

As small businesses caught on to the demand, and the internet has made almost every business, whatever the sector, deeply competitive, consumers and clients have an infinite amount of choice as to where to spend their money. There was a time when gift vouchers were seen as the lazy or dull gift option, but there's nothing more disheartening than unwrapping a present that you don't want or don't like, and so gift vouchers now have the ability to value the intended recipient as if to say, I wanted to treat you to something special, but I want you to have the ultimate say on what that is!

Then come the Gift Voucher Experiences, which more obviously puts the choice back in the giver's hands. They offer a wonderful opportunity to buy someone a special experience that they might not otherwise have bought for themselves, whether it be scuba diving, a trip on the Orient Express, a spa day, or as we do at Vintage Hair Lounge, a traditional wet shave with hot towels or a vintage set and hairstyling. The experience market shows how far the industry has developed, and with voucher sales now in the billions nation-wide, they are here to stay.

We have Valentine's Day and Mother's Day coming soon which are ideal times to present gift voucher experiences, but any day of the year they move the focus from "things" to "happy times" and  there's nothing more special than that.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Roxy Twirls : Burlesque Glamour in Sparkly Handbagfuls

Roxy Twirls with Cinnamon D'Lacey at Roxy's Rendezvous Presents... On a Night Like This

It's Icons and Divas time for this month's Roxy's Rendezvous Presents...., a feast of the cream of Southampton's burlesque talents with out of town guests, under the dynamic stewardship of the most delectable burlesque queen, Roxy Twirls. This new show is taking place at a new venue, The Mo Club at Southampton's West Quay, where recent friends of bettie have been enjoying a revival of roller disco! There's also a guest appearance by Carrie-Ann, well known for her tribute act to burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese.

Vintage Hair Lounge forged an interesting and ever-strengthening relationship with Roxy back in our first weeks of opening. There we were, in less than ideal temporary premises at Southampton's Bargate Shopping Centre, and one day Roxy breezed in, wearing a gorgeous Classy Chassis wiggle dress, looking for a new hairdresser to take her look up a gear or two. We felt all our Christmases had come at once, as we'd been scratching our heads as to how to make meaningful alliances with the local burlesque community.

Roxy Twirls after a visit to Vintage Hair Lounge

So we got talking, as you do, and jumped at the chance to become one of Roxy's key sponsors, including providing hairstyling, and later hair and make-up styling, for Roxy's Rendezvous shows. And we've had a ball! The Halloween show Sideshow Spectacular saw us creating the hair and make-up looks for a range of show characters; Siamese Twins, Voodoo priest, Mermaid, Snake Charmer, Blind Gypsy...... All in all, a great opportunity for us to take Vintage Hair Lounge on to the stage.

Roxy Twirls and Violet DeLight as Siamese Twins

So the Icons and Divas are coming, and some real treats are in store. If you've never been to a burlesque show before, this is THE one not to be missed. Vintage Hair Lounge will be behind the scenes doing more fantabulous hair and make-up work, and we aim to make this our best outing yet for Roxy and her Rockets.

Roxy's Rendezvous Presents.... Icons and Divas The Mo Club, Southampton, Sunday 13 February
Tickets on sale at Vintage Hair Lounge, 118 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2AA 02380 337109