Saturday, 15 March 2014

Vintage Lipstick : Think Pink!

Raven Brookes for Bésame Cosmetics. Photo Scott Chalmers
Pink to make the boys wink - a saying encapsulated in the imagery of endless 1950s cosmetics advertising campaigns, showing glamorous women catching the eye of handsome men with their amazing new beauty products. We have now become a great deal more sophisticated about the meaning of make-up in women's lives, and any cosmetic advertisement that explicitly connected "how to catch a man" with wearing a particular cosmetic product would probably get short shrift nowadays from the Advertising Standards Authority. So just as women are now better positioned to negotiate their own beauty and glamour, despite the onslaught of cosmetic advertising, pink is a fantastic authentic colour for completing a stylish vintage look, day or night.

Catching the girls young to think about men's
makeup preferences (1947)

Pink really came into it's heyday as a lip colour in the mid to late 1950s and as the decade transitioned into the 1960s, pinks got paler and suited the new decade's preference for ever stronger eye make-up balanced with a nude, or lightly frosted lip look.

Vintage inspired make-up brand Bésame Cosmetics re-launched a fantastic bright pink lip colour in 2013, Exotic Pink, which screams 1950s and is a wonderfully glamorous alternative to the vintage reproduction red colours they are already highly acclaimed for. Notwithstanding the wide range of red colours from Bésame that are matched perfectly to the authentic fashions of different eras, not every woman feels at home in red lipstick, so now's the time to explore a little further and Think Pink!

Matching lips and nails, a 1950s obsession

With the wedding season about to start in the spring, the appeal of a vintage look for the bride is irresistible. Compatible long wearing lipstick is therefore worth some time to research. A bride wants to look and feel glamorous but also glow as a natural beauty. The elegance of the 1930s is a perfect starting place for 21st century vintage bridal looks, and here Bésame triumphs again with a stunning Portrait Pink colour that is easy to wear, immensely flattering and has a perfect vintage authentic tone that will complement any classic vintage look from the 1930s onwards. We've also found it works great for 1960s looks, and is the perfect everyday lipstick for contemporary settings too. One for the make-up bag, without a doubt!!
Raven Brookes for Bésame Cosmetics. Photo Scott Chalmers

Lucille Ball wearing a very similar tone to Dusty Rose
Another versatile colour is Dusty Rose, with a soft mauve hue which gives a richness to the pink without "retro" brightness, and can be used for wedding looks, daywear or for alternative 1950s and 1960s looks. The colour has been a revelation to us at Vintage Hair Lounge, as it takes on the perfect finish to a whole host of different vintage looks. For example, it will read as a deep pink when combined or overlaid on a Portrait Pink base, or read much more raspberry when used directly onto the lips. The perfect "red" for when you don't actually want to wear "red"!

It's always worth trying out lipsticks with the assistance of a make-up professional, to make sure the application and coverage is pitched perfectly, and the tone is right for your complexion, which is precisely why the same lip colour won't necessarily suit everyone, and a little bit of blending the correct tones goes a long way to getting the look you want right.

Shay-Anne Aboud for Bésame Cosmetics. Photo Scott Chalmers
And so the 1960s, where paler pinks with frosted finishes take the cosmetics industry by storm! 
A pink lipstick frenzy from the sixties!

Get the pink right for a 1960s look and all that work on getting the eye makeup right and the hair right will be worth it! A little bird at Bésame tells us that some special edition 1960s colours may well be on the way for the autumn, but for now your key swinging pinks will be Portrait Pink, Dusty Rose and Debutante Pink. This frosted looking pink is more sheer than the semi-matte formulas of many of the Bésame lip colours, but is a knockout on the authenticity stakes.

Our recent photoshoot for the Bésame Classic Color Lipstick Collection threw up a stand-out image when model Raven Brookes posed in the colour, evoking sixties nostalgia of Mary Quant and Christine Keeler, it really changed her whole persona. Who knew, it would be Debutante Pink that our alternative goth model was going to blossom in! We were right chuffed and no mistake! Never mind the boys winking, we were ALL winking!!

Raven Brookes for Bésame Cosmetics. Photo Scott Chalmers
If you have a favourite vintage pink colour that you can't find anywhere, do drop us a line at Bésame Europe at and we'll investigate. You never know, it may well make it to the Bésame Classic Color Lipstick Collection.

Bésame Cosmetics, including all the lipstick colours can be purchased from Vintage Hair Lounge at many of our events and you can buy online at For further advice on any of the Bésame Cosmetics products we are always happy to answer your calls or emails and provide the expertise you are after.

Vintage Hair Lounge,, 023 8070 1383

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Vintage Hair Lounge launch Bésame Cosmetics Europe

Raven Brookes by Scott Chalmers

Bésame Cosmetics have a brand new European Distributor and it's Vintage Hair Lounge Creative Director, Sharon Holloway in the form of a new sister company, VHL Distribution.

The task of taking on the distribution of the bespoke vintage cosmetics brand across the diversity of countries and cultures of Europe has only proved to be an irresistible challenge, following Sharon's recent award win for Best Make-up at Reklamefilmpreis, the German Advertising Film Awards, in Frankfurt in November 2013.

"The nomination for Best Makeup for my underwater makeup work on the commercial Herbaria - FEARS, was reason enough to fly to Frankfurt to join in the ceremony, it being such an honour to receive recognition from the industry in another country," says Sharon. "The response when I won was so overwhelming that I realised how exciting it could be to make ever closer ties and networks with our European partners. The opportunity to include Bésame Cosmetics in the process was perfect timing and I'm thrilled to be able to take the brand into new markets and attract new interest in the beautiful and high performing products that Bésame have already established a great reputation for."

Raven Brookes and Shay-Anne Aboud by Scott Chalmers
There is a growing awareness of the versatility of the brand within and beyond the vintage scene, and Vintage Hair Lounge has been heavily involved in the promotion of the products within all of the work that it does. The dozens of vintage events that their salon "pop-up" features at across the UK throughout the year, provide numerous opportunities for the public to try out products face to face, building a strong "word of mouth" experience. For those already familiar with the brand, as well as the loyal customers which Vintage Hair Lounge have created, their new online store, the Vintage Hair Lounge Emporium, will prove to be a first stop for those looking for their favourite Bésame items as well as a reliable resource for new additions to the brand as soon as they are launched.

For the past two years, Bésame Cosmetics have sponsored the Vintage Hair Lounge salon at Goodwood Revival, and thereby been provided with the chance to showcase the product range to a vast international audience of vintage enthusiasts.

Miss Deadly Red at the Bésame display at Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival
by Scott Chalmers
In the past few days, Bésame Cosmetics have also featured at IMATS Los Angeles (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) meeting the professional makeup artist industry and launching new pro-palette versions of the product range.

For Sharon, the development of the brand in the pro-artist industry is inevitable, and one of the key priorities for the new Bésame Cosmetics Europe strategy.

"I've spent several years now using the products in film and photographic shoots, and they out perform many other high quality products on the market, especially the Classic Color lipsticks which stay put, don't bleed and are comfortable to wear all day. For vintage work, the reproduction colours capture the different eras perfectly, but even for non-vintage work, the finish and staying power of the lipsticks means they are always my first choice in professional work."

The first task for the team was to create an image collection of the whole Classic Color Lipstick range, featuring fashion/gothic/alternative models Raven Brookes and Shay-Anne Aboud, whose look and style represents a different emphasis for a brand so well known for celebrating the golden era of Hollywood icons.

"Europe has a more complicated relationship with its twentieth century history than the United States and United Kingdom,"  Sharon admits. "Although the vintage scene is growing across Europe, it will develop in more unusual ways, taking inspiration and influences from different vibes and different sub-cultures, and we can't assume that everyone sees vintage only as a celebration of 1940s wartime or 1950s Hollywood. That sensitivity is crucial in building a brand based on inclusivity, and Raven and Shay-Anne represent an alternative kind of "vintage" look, one reaching out to a sophisticated and classic cool vibe that has an even wider appeal to a greater diversity of women who have long been waiting for the cosmetics industry to reflect back their own reality and aspirations. Our new images are not there to replace, they are there to inspire in new ways."

Some arresting images have already been released, but the forthcoming collection, photographed by Scott Chalmers, with design, hair and makeup by Vintage Hair Lounge is due for launch by early March. The behind the scenes film of the shoot, Can't Live Without Bésame Cosmetics can now be viewed online.

Press, PR and stockist enquiries - please contact VHL Distribution Limited,, +44 (0) 23 8070 1383
Retail purchases - please visit the Vintage Hair Lounge Emporium

Monday, 30 September 2013

A Hat Trick for Goodwood Revival

Shay-Anne Aboud by Scott Chalmers Photography for Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival 2013
A touch of film director Tim Burton's world influenced our official Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival 2013 photoshoot this year, as we paid tribute to the 1930s stars who played with their androgynous sex appeal, whilst showcasing avant garde styling for a truly memorable day with our effortlessly stylish model Shay-Anne Aboud as the ultimate female dandy with a hint of the gothic. Her top hat "hair hat", photographed by Scott Chalmers, turned more than a few heads, so here's a short photo diary of the morning's work that went into this beautiful image.....

First, we crimped and pincurled....
Francesco Zamolo and Gloria Holloway start the hair prep
We sectioned.....
Sharon Holloway starts construction
And backbrushed....
Pincurled section of hair left intact as volume created on the crown
And backbrushed....
There's a lot of hair here
And backbrushed....
And it's very very long
Until we got shape....
Top sections smoothed and gripped into place
Time for a pause to start makeup....
Prepping the eyes
Working on the eyes....
A combination of 1920s and 1930s green tones
Before airbrushing foundation with Airbase....
Airbase High Definition Airbrush Makeup
And finishing touches to eyes....
Adding top and bottom lashes
Before returning to the hair chair to unclip the pincurls and start work on the brim....
The sectioned off hair is folded and pinned into place to make the hat brim
Making sure we keep a "jaunty angle"....
We're now on the "home strait"
Let the waving begin....
Smart bit of finger waving by Gloria
The brim can now be completed....
Shay-Anne's endless patience is a joy!
Tricky bit round the front....
Blending the brim
Plenty of Davines hairspray on this....
Getting the brim firm
Nearly there....
Oh the concentration!
Shay-Anne gets into costume and has finishing touches....
Katy Leicester from adjusts the cravat
And at midday our models are ready to meet the crowd!
Shay-Anne Aboud and Jen Merchant emerge from the Vintage Hair Lounge marquee
Huge thanks to Shay-Anne Aboud, Jen Merchant, and our fantastic Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival sponsors - Davines, Easydry, Babyliss, Airbase High Definition Airbrush Make-up, Besame Cosmetics, Maqpro, PAM, and Scott Chalmers Photography.

All images by Scott Chalmers.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Airbase Airbrush Makeup Goes Vintage for The Goodwood Revival

Hair and makeup Vintage Hair Lounge. Photo Scott Chalmers
An exciting new collaboration between Vintage Hair Lounge and Airbase High Definition Airbrush Makeup is launching at this year's Goodwood Revival (13-15 September). The leading airbrush makeup company, led by CEO Lloyd Naake, has embraced the Southampton based leaders in vintage hair and makeup styling and industry training to sponsor the Vintage Hair Lounge salon "Over the Road" at the world's leading classic car motor racing and vintage event which will see 149,000 visitors descend on the Chichester motor racing circuit in vintage costume this September.

The roots of the partnership originate from the ever increasing demand for flawless makeup looks that recapture the iconic faces of the golden era of the Hollywood megastars, in a new high definition age. Airbase has already built an impressive reputation supplying to the television industry (ITV, Sky) and thousands of makeup artists whose work can be seen throughout the photographic and media industries.

The airbrush system delivers long lasting water and heat resistant makeup that is easy to wear and beautiful to photograph, as this recent 1950s inspired image, featuring model Miss Deadly Red, shows.

Sharon Holloway of Vintage Hair Lounge using Airbase. Photo Scott Chalmers
"Airbrush makeup has become known for very modern looks in the industry," explains Vintage Hair Lounge Creative Director, Sharon Holloway, "but that is one fantastic use of this great product. We are setting the standard for a new wave of uses of Airbase to recreate authentic vintage makeups that pay their respects to the pioneers of film makeup in the 1940s and 1950s. Different products in those days, but the looks were flawless, and with new techniques and products we are creating a vintage glamour that continues to resonate in the 21st century."

Airbase equipment. Image with kind permission of Airbase High Definition Airbrush Makeup
The Vintage Hair Lounge team at Goodwood Revival will be offering vintage makeup services using Airbase, with additional professional makeup product support from sponsors Besame Cosmetics, the leading international vintage makeup brand, PAM, Maqpro and The Makeup Brush Company.

"We are so excited to be working with such outstanding makeup companies this year at Goodwood Revival," says Sharon. "We value our partners all year round, but this event gives us a unique opportunity to showcase our work and demonstrate the quality and integrity of all of our product partners."

Bookings for vintage hairstyling and vintage makeup at Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival can be made by emailing Sharon Holloway at

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How Casanova led to a Goodwood Revival coup

Jade Hargood by Scott Chalmers. Hair & makeup Sharon Holloway at Vintage Hair Lounge

As Vintage Hair Lounge opens for bookings for Goodwood Revival 2013 this week, a peculiar chain of recent events has resulted in a particularly special coup in securing the involvement of supremely talented Hair and Makeup Designer, Christine Allsopp, and sponsorship by her wonderful The Make-up Brush Company. So how did we snatch 3 times BAFTA nominated designer from the claws of a rigorous international filming schedule to join us for 3 days in Chichester this September?

I could say it began 3 years ago (there are a lot of 3's in this post which probably means it's my lucky number!), when Vintage Hair Lounge first opened, and we began to stock The Make-up Brush Company brushes and makeup bags in our salon. The distinctively pink, and unashamedly retro style brushes have graced my own make-up kit ever since. And then along came an extraordinary photoshoot concept from Scott Chalmers Photography...
The Make-up Brush Company brushes

So the proposal was for our longstanding client and friend, Jade Hargood, to be photographed in her wedding dress. Now that doesn't sound much of a shoot, until you know that Jade was married in a deep red dress, complete with cape and tricorn hat, in December 2012, with hair and makeup by Vintage Hair Lounge in late nineteenth century meets 1940s glamour style. Mmmm, this could be interesting! Scott and Jade began to create a mood board of gothic images on pinterest for me to have a look at, and the recurring theme was horns. Yes, horns. And not to mess about, Scott actually delivered a huge pair of real ram's horns for Jade to wear for the shoot. So I pondered the images, thought about Jade and her spectacular dress and began to think of the hair and makeup design of the BBC Casanova television series that first aired in 2005. It made a huge impact on us at the time, and was one of the most exciting pieces of period hair design I'd seen in a long time. And that was down to Christine Allsopp who received her second BAFTA nomination for it. So far so good.

BBC Casanova tv series 
Jade has very very long hair! Which will come as a surprise to many who see her featuring in our Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival 2013 (Anything Goes) publicity film, where Gloria Holloway's extensive experience in traditional waving and setting techniques allowed her to effortlessly create a stunning short 1930s hairstyle, notwithstanding the sheer volume of hair Jade has!

But the gothic/eighteenth century inspired look for the new photoshoot was left in my hands, so I started with sectioning off two sites on the top of Jade's head where the hair horns would sit. They were crimped and sectioned off again whilst I methodically crimped the entirety of the remainder of Jade's hair, using Davines Defining Ecohairspray on each piece. I backcombed the horn sections and wrapped the hair around itself until the horn shapes began to satisfy, and then got to work on on the front and sides sections, effectively creating reverse "Victory Rolls". On went the real ram's horns, and with some hair padding inserted behind to secure them (they are very weighty items) to the best of Jade's comfort, I then created a huge french pleat in the shape of a heart, to ensure the balance of the hairstyle was in tune and looked spectacular from all angles. With a small section of red hair extension pinned into place from the top of the head and down into the side pony tail, adding a flash of colour to pay homage to the Casanova hairstyling,  the creation was complete.
In between these stages, we had also taken to the makeup, creating a layered effect around the eyes using variations of brown and red, gave the blusher a miss in preference to strong contouring, and perfected the finished look with Besame Cosmetics Classic Color lipstick in Merlot. Once Jade was dressed, it was possible to get out the airbrush and work down her neck and shoulders with a good combination of Temptu foundations, freshening up the face makeup with a mist all around the hairline, jawline and down the bridge of the nose. Thanks to my recent airbrush training with Martina Parmar at the Professional Makeup Academy, this proved a good decision, as the final images show a great colour balance between face and body, that just leaves a haunting look that worked to perfection.

And so, the following day as I was leaving Southampton's shores for a couple of days' May Bank Holiday break, I saw a flash in my Facebook inbox only to find Mr Chalmers had uploaded the image from the shoot online, a fine going away present if ever there was one, and shortly after came the defining moment of approval : Christine Allsopp had seen the image and shared it on her own facebook page, praising the look as something that would have sat more than comfortably within her designs for Casanova all those years ago. Well, one doesn't miss an opportunity like that, so needless to say, I got on the phone to Christine, and the rest, as they say, is history.....

Christine Allsopp will be joining the Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival 2013 team (13-15 September) and The Make-up Brush Company will be an official sponsor. Additional sponsors include Davines, Besame Cosmetics, Professional Makeup Academy, Scott Chalmers Photography, EasyDry, and Babyliss.

To pre-book vintage hairstyling and vintage makeup (airbrush) appointments for this year's Goodwood Revival, email

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Vintage Hairstyling Training Programme for 2013

2012 course photo of model Georgia Train, hair by Martina Bellieni. Photo Scott Chalmers
The highlight of 2012 for Vintage Hair Lounge was without a doubt, the pride in our hair team at Goodwood Revival. All our stylists had, at different times in the past 18 months, undertaken our unique Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course, developed their own work, joined us on a range of vintage events, and gelled splendidly together as a strong team under the most demanding conditions at this huge vintage event, for three days in September. Each stylist brought their own creativity and interpretation to the many varied looks for all generations of girls and women, but unmistakably, in the Vintage Hair Lounge style that demonstrates a strong understanding of vintage hairstyles and a confidence in applying the techniques to each individual client.

Vintage Hair Lounge salon at Goodwood Revival. Photo Scott Chalmers
The reasons for choosing the Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course are varied. Some have been looking to kick start their lost passion for the hairdressing industry and see new ways to develop their own businesses and creative portfolios with exciting new work; some have endured years as hair and makeup artists always feeling "weak" in hair styling; some have enthused about quality training to constantly rejuvenate and develop their skills and some have looked to the course, as complete novices, for an entry into a vintage world in a completely new skill. In such small training groups as we have (between 4 to 6 students with 2 tutors, Gloria Holloway and Sharon Holloway, at all times), it is a joyful experience to have such a mix of all these people sharing their journey through two days of history and practical application of such a beautiful craft.

Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course in action. Photo Scott Chalmers
For 2013, not only we will be continuing to offer this course but we are excited to launch a new course for people who want to learn how to vintage style their own hair to professional standards. The Vintage Hairstyling : Signature Looks course will provide the opportunity for those who want to perfect their own look on or off stage, on or off camera, and discover that their hair can and will do amazing vintage things when they know how! We constantly hear about people's persistence in trying to follow YouTube videos and instructional books, but with only one way communication these tools are no substitute for actually doing it for real with professionals in a hands-on fun environment where there is no end to the number of questions to be asked and the satisfaction in unravelling all the little tricks and hints along the way that live teaching provides.

Hands on teaching from Sharon Holloway on the Vintage Hairstyling For Camera Course. Photo Scott Chalmers
And as with the professional course, assumptions are left at the door, so as to embrace possibilities that haven't previously been thought of. Two recent "in house" photoshoots undertaken by Vintage Hair Lounge with photographer Scott Chalmers showed how established performers can take on a whole new persona when exploring a different signature hairstyle.

Here's Burlesque performer Natalie De Gruchy (Isabelle L'Amour) in classic 1950s day attire with a rock and roll inspired vintage hairstyle....

Hair and makeup Vintage Hair Lounge. Photo Scott Chalmers
And here's vintage vocalist Miss Annie, best known for her 1940s and 1950s repertoire, trying out a classy 1960s "Mad Men" inspired look with iconic beehive to match....

Hair and makeup Vintage Hair Lounge. Photo Scott Chalmers
The concept of a "signature look" is to take inspiration from icons and create one's own distinctive take on it, something that becomes unique and recognisable for that person and thoroughly suits that person's personality and over all look. Another way of putting it is "bespoke vintage hairstyling".

So for 2013, our training programme begins in January with Vintage Hairstyling For Camera courses running throughout the winter and spring months in a variety of venues. A new Advanced Course in Vintage Hair Setting and Styling will be launched in the early summer months, and February sees the start of the Vintage Hairstyling : Signature Looks courses. 

2012 course photo of model Lindsey Tatler, hair by Kelly Prentice. Photo Scott Chalmers

For more information and booking for our 2013 courses, head over to the Vintage Hair Lounge website, where new dates and venues will also be regularly updated on our courses pages.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

V is for Victory at Goodwood Revival

Behind the scenes with Miss Vienna Green at our Goodwood Revival photoshoot. Photo by Scott Chalmers
With just a week to go until the world's most celebrated classic motor racing meeting and vintage festival, Goodwood Revival, Vintage Hair Lounge is gearing up for an entirely new kind of vintage salon, located in the Victory Street Party area Over the Road. With highly trained vintage hairstylists, a specialist vintage barbering team and superb vintage makeup artists, we have brought together an outstanding team to deliver the Vintage Hair Lounge vision to a global audience.

Photography by Scott Chalmers, Graphic Design by Cassie Leedham at Good Show Studio
Vintage Hair Lounge kicked off our pre-Revival campaign with a brief to recreate a design to celebrate the contributions of women to the war effort in the 1940s. With labour shortages and the need to keep morale high, women were the target of a range of sophisticated and glamorous recruitment campaigns to encourage, and in some instances compel, them in to the military and other auxiliary services.

With leading UK bodypainter, Julia Townend creating our model Miss Vienna Green's  own unique military costume, it was down to Vintage Hair Lounge to finish the signature 1940s hairstyle and makeup, and there was no doubt that true Victory Rolls were going to feature.

Julia Townend creating Miss Vienna Green's bodypainted costume. Photo Scott Chalmers

The V roll at the back of the head has become one of our flagship vintage hairstyles, showing authenticity, elegance and a distinctive wartime image that is instantly identifiable. Our Victory V Rolls had their first catwalk outing in the British Airways Costume Archive Show at Vintage at Southbank in 2011. As the models graced the runway through the eras in original British Airways cabin crew uniforms, it was the early appearance of model Amy in 1940s uniform and  our Victory V Roll that wowed the Festival Hall audience.

So with Gloria's expert backbrushing of Miss Vienna Green's abundant locks and crafted Victory V Rolls in place, the finished hairstyle provided a stylish platform the military hat to proudly sit on.

Miss Vienna Green. Photography by Scott Chalmers

Amongst our exciting sponsors this year, which include Babyliss, EasyDry, Organise A Hen,, Island Memories, The Bluebeard's Revenge, Good Show Studio and Scott Chalmers Photography, we have the iconic vintage makeup brand, Besame Cosmetics. From the beginning of Vintage Hair Lounge we have been honoured to be official Besame stockists, enabling us to bring an extra sparkle of glamour all to our vintage makeup work. Nothing beats Besame Classic Color lipstick which comes in six outstanding vintage tones, and we plumped for Red Hot Red for Miss Vienna Green, which complemented her hair colouring and skin tone, especially when a flush of Besame Crimson Cream Rouge was added to her cheeks. The finished look was set with Besame Cashmere Powder Compact in Light and Porcelain.

Sharon Holloway adds Red Hot Red lips to Miss Vienna Green. Photo Scott Chalmers
The entire hair, makeup and bodypaint process took 6 hours and then it was on to the studio floor with photographer Scott Chalmers to capture the essence of the Victory images. And then the finished photos were sent straight over to our brilliant graphic designer Cassie Leedham at Good Show Studio to create the final campaign posters. It really was a huge team effort in true wartime spirit! But the process wasn't quite finished, as video footage from the shoot was skillfully edited together by Andy Wilks at Big Barn Media to the soundtrack of "Stuff Like That There" (originally recorded by Betty Hutton in 1944) lovingly performed and recorded especially for Vintage Hair Lounge by vintage vocalist Miss Annie. Without a doubt, the best celebration of V for Victory we could muster.

Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival 14 - 16 September, Victory Street Party 378 & 381 Over the Road.