Wednesday, 27 July 2011

'Seeing You' Through The Lens

Photography by Scott Chalmers
Our latest collaboration with Southampton based photographer Scott Chalmers has created some stunning forties style images to promote West Quay Vintage Fayre taking place on 3 and 4 August. With just two weeks to countdown, we were approached by Southampton's EAST store to join forces for the event and we jumped at the opportunity to appear live doing vintage hair and make-up demonstrations at EAST throughout these exciting two days. The first task in hand was to put together a photoshoot to create the total forties inspired look with EAST's new "Land Girl" vintage collection.

Poster design by Cassie Leedham. Photography by Scott Chalmers

So within just a few days we were prepped and ready to go; the shoot was to take place on Wednesday 20 July and we had just one hour to get the shots. Our beautiful model Dee pitched up at the EAST store the day before to be fitted with the outfits with the help of Patricia Keenan, and our own Sharon Holloway, armed of course with a library full of original Land Girl images to get the colour palette and the style bang on for the look. The hair and make-up design by Vintage Hair Lounge had similarly already been researched and trialled, and Scott was making plans for how to cope with the gloomy weather that we were anticipating for the shoot evening!

On the day itself, despite the intermittent rain, evocative of wartime Britain (we consoled ourselves), the key was to choose locations for photographs that were close by to the West Quay Shopping Centre but reminiscent enough of a rural past to give a timeless earthy atmosphere, and what better opportunity for Southampton's historic City walls to oblige.

And then the work really started! With the photos and film footage in the can, Good Show Studio designer Cassie Leedham once again proved why she is a Vintage Hair Lounge favourite, creating a stunning vintage magazine style poster design to promote the event.

Then to the editing, and a new short film was crafted under the patient supervision of Gang Girls editor Andrew Wilks. I'd started to firmly establish a style of filmmaking that I was inspired by, and as with Gang Girls, new film 'Seeing You' has style and informality that exudes emotion as soon as the right lyrical track is applied. So it was without hesitation that Miss Annie's version of wartime classic "I'll be Seeing You", recorded in the same session as Gang Girls soundtrack Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), was chosen to take the imagery to a new meaningful level.

Photography by Scott Chalmers
From 3 and 4 August through to 31 October, every purchaser of full price items at the EAST West Quay store will receive a very special gift from Vintage Hair Lounge, namely an exclusive 15% off discount voucher for all Ladies hairdressing services. We hope that the inspiration of vintage and classic looks whether authentic or inspired with a modern twist, will endure and show the world that Southampton is bursting with style!

Photography by Scott Chalmers
Vintage Hair Lounge LIVE at EAST, West Quay Vintage Fayre, 3 & 4 August 2011

We look forward to seeing you.

Friday, 15 July 2011

LottyBlue, our first Guest Blogger!
Welcome to LottyBlue, our newest guest blogger.

"I am very excited to be writing this guest blog post for Vintage Hair Lounge thank you so much for the opportunity" - LottyBlue, Retro Homeware.

The good old days of the 1950's and 60's are making a return in big way. Through fashion we are seeing the styles that are parents generation wore becoming once again fashionable, I was delighted to see the new collection by radio 1 DJ and T.V presenter  this week which has been inspired by 60's Pop Art.

Fearne Cotton goes sixties

Hair styles too are reminiscent of the 50's Hollywood glamour and 60's chic!.

Maddy Hobbs in sixties film Gang Girls. Photography by Scott Chalmers

Jade Richards does Hollywood Glamour at Vintage Hair Lounge
Ercol best known for its amazing contribution to British furniture design in the 1950's and 60's are making a return. Their classic designs are elegant and timeless and stores such as John Lewis have commissioned them to design a unique range for their stores.

Also Vintage Shows such as Twinwood and Vintage at Goodwood are becoming immensely popular showcasing the talents of such stars like Miss Lola Lamour.

Lola Lamour
Not only does today’s modern woman want to look fabulous themselves but also their home too. Of course for some the love of all things retro and vintage has never gone away but for most it is an a exciting time to rediscover this fabulous era and to celebrate what made Britain special. 

Home plays a big part in our lives it is where we relax and feel most comfortable. LottyBlue's unique style has something for everyone from stunning period furniture that can be mixed and matched with modern contemporary styles to vintage inspired homeware that will add nostalgic accents to your home. We love vintage style and have a keen interest in preserving our heritage through upcycling and restoring vintage classic furniture such as Ercol, G Plan, Nathan and Younger just to name a few.
Vintage aprons not only are practical but our aprons have the style and look of a 1950's house wife with classic colours and shape you will be transformed in to a glamorous stylish domesticated goddess. We can't promise they will transform your cooking or turn your home in to a show home but you will look and feel fabulous!!

We understand that the look and style is important. LottyBlue is contently searching for new retro inspired homeware for we believe that the styles from the 50's and the 60's are iconic and part of our culture one that should be kept alive for future generations to love too. 

To read more about styling your home subscribe to our newsletter  or please see our blog

FriendsofBettie would love to thank LottyBlue for a great posting and add our own favourite LottyBlue item currently gracing the styling stations of Vintage Hair Lounge, these fabulous drinks coasters featuring some iconic retro vehicles, including a rather spectacular Lambretta!

For more information, and great items, LottyBlue can be found at