Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dome Monofibre Hair Extensions

Dome Monofibre Hair Extensions and Prolin Hair Enhancers as seen in the film FiSH!
Friends of Bettie are whoop-da-doop excited about our new status as recognised experts in Dome Monofibre Hair Extensions and Prolin Hair Enhancers at our Southampton salon.

Off we packed our most talented Colour expert Lizi to the infamous London salon Antenna , for top notch training last year and now she can't get enough of this amazing hair extension system.

So those of you who are trying to work out what will work for you, and those who are thinking about adding hair extensions, here is our quick guide as to why we think the Dome system is the best.

1. Monofibre can add volume, length and colour to your hair. For perfect matches, Monofibre colours are blended by your expert technician, making for a truly individualised service.

2. No glue, no chemicals and what's more - no weight. Remember : adding real hair is really really heavy!

3. No chemicals means no scalp or hair damage as the extensions are weaved into the natural hair in tiny sections where a seal is created holding the extensions in place.

4. Monofibre can be used to add highlights without any chemical processing, and it won't fade. If you fancy a colour change you won't need to "grow out" colour, you just get the extensions replaced.

5. For vintage looks "flashes" (prominent colour or bleached streaks) are a great way to add interest to waves and rolls, and Monofibre and Prolin can give lasting vibrant colour to get the effect.

For more information and in-depth consultation as to how Monofibre can work for you, contact Lizi Prandle at Vintage Hair Lounge, 118 High Street, Southampton SO14 2AA 02380 337109

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